Monday, May 30, 2016

Warmachine/Hordes Demo Gaming - Got in some Gaming down at Game Depot

Sunday May 29th, 2016

Decided to get in some gaming today, so I met my Brother and my Son over at Game Depot in Tempe, Az.  My brother is new to the Gaming world, and for his first Tabletop game decided to get into Warmachine/Hordes or as we come to call it Warmahordes.  He purchased the starter battle box for the Cryx army, and has them all assembled, and even has one finished painted and based, which is very cool.

You can check out his blog by clicking the link:  Havenstead Hobbies

You can also catch his updates in my blog roll on the right-hand side of this blog when he posts updates.

Below is a picture of his army on the tabletop ready for the first game.

In his first game, he did very well, he played against my son, which also plays Cryx.  With Cryx vrs. Cryx is was an intereting first game between them.  I basically play referee for them as they are both learning the game.  My Son has some games under his belt, so it was fun to get my brother playing and teaching them both about the rules as the game progressed.  Its quite fun to Demo games for people and will be doing more demos in the future with Warmahordes, Bolt Action, Gates of Antares.

It ended up being a very fun day of gaming, and look forward to many more in the future.  Its been awhile sine I played a game at Game Depot, is a 30+ min drive for me one way, but will try to make it back here more often.

Well until next time, always play more games, and don;t stress the small stuff, its only a game.


  1. My first game(s) finally, and like the dummy I am I forget to bring a camera to take a picture or two, ha-ha. Oh well...I'll try to remember next time. Thank you for explaining everything...the games will go quicker in the future as I won't need every move explained.

    1. It was fun, looking forward to getting in more gaming soon.