Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Warlord Games - Beyond the Gates or Antares Starter Box Models built

I've been slacking again, but did find some time this week to put all the models together for the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter set.  This was a fun group of models to put together.  I really like the Ghar models, and look forward to buying more in the near future.

Was very impressed with what all came with the starter box, uncluding the full rules hardback book.
I will do another post after I get everything painted, as well as when I get my first game on the table.


  1. The bases on these look very flat compared to the bases of the Warmachine/ it just the way they look in the pictures or are they much flatter? Also the raised lip around the edge looks a bit lower it low enough to be an issue when putting some sort of base material on them?

    1. Yes, the bases are much smaller(flat) than those of Warmachine/Hordes. These are the style that Warlord Games uses for all its games. My Bolt Action mini's also have the small flat bases. As far as basing them, it does not really hinder you placing the basing materials on the base.

      I like to wait till after I'm doing painting them to base hem all at the same time at the end, I'll post pictures of that for you can see.