Wednesday, December 30, 2015

And So, The Journey Begins…….Again!

Hello fellow Gamers.

I used to have a blog about my gaming hobbies, but with life changes I had stopped posting in that blog, and after a while I deleted it.  I so regret deleting that blog, as I had a lot of pictures and posts about what I have done.  Sigh….

So, alas….here I am, starting a new blog.

I plan on not only doing posts about the games that I play, but this time I also want to cover other aspects of my hobby.  I will be doing posts on a variety of subjects gaming related, like what I’m painting, what terrain I’m making, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading about my hobby, and look forward to reading and replying to any comments you may have.  My next post will be about the upcoming year and what I hope to accomplish.

Enjoy, and as a friend of mine always says……”PLAY MORE GAMES”.