Thursday, September 24, 2020

Star War Legion: B1 Battle Droids (Separatist Alliance)

It has been a while since I have worked on anything Star Wars related, so I decided today to break out one of the B1 Battle Droid units from the Second Star Wars Legion starter box.  It is high time I get the Separatist Alliance completed, as of so far, all I have completed is the Droidekas unit for this army from that box set.  You can see that post here.

One thing that I did learn from building these guys is patience and some new cuss words that I have not spoken out loud in a long while, lol.  I now feel the pain of building these guys, as I have seen from so many other posts of players building these units.  But once I go the hand of how fiddly these were, once I got four or so done, the rest of them went a little more smoothly.

Here is a picture of the finished unit:

At first, I was not sure of the color scheme, but in person and on the tabletop, they look very cool.  I know, hard to tell from my crappy picture.

Here is a look at their game card:

These guys will be fun to play on the tabletop, in small groups not that much to look at, but in large numbers, they can overwhelm the battlefield, and give havoc to the enemy with their sheer numbers.

I have one more unit to paint up of them, and then both squads from the starter box will be complete.  That will just leave General Grievous for the Separatist Alliance to complete.  With him, I plan on doing a small conversion, as I want to try to build him with all four lightsabers and his cloak.  I think he will look cool.  I may pick up another two models of him, just to build him in all his configurations, as I do not think that using magnets would work for this model.

Let me know what armies you are playing in Legion, or if you have suggestions on which units to get next for the Separatist Alliance.

Until next time, try to have fun and stay safe out there.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Warhammer 40K: Starting a new Army for the new edition - Space Wolves

With the new 9th edition for Warhammer 40K, I decided it was time that I started a new army.  I know that I have been working on resurrecting an old 6th/7th edition version of Raven Guard into the modern version of the game, and at the same time I have also been building up my Death Guard army into a competitive army, but something was still missing.

As I kept working on the Raven Guard, I just could not see myself playing them on a regular basis.  Let alone even contemplating them as an army I would ever take to a tournament/event.  So I decided to do some research, and after reading more and more about the Space Wolves, I knew then, that they would be my next main army.

For Warhammer 40K, I wanted several armies on different sides of the playing field, so to say.  For the Imperium/Space Marines, that army will be Space Wolves.  For Chaos, I have my Death Guard, and I so enjoy painting and playing with that army.  Now for Xenos, I have not made up my mind yet.  I do have something like 8000 plus points of Orks in storage, but I do not see myself resurrecting that army.  As I started that army a long time ago, and have models from 2nd Edition on.  But when I make up my mind on a Xenos army, expect an article about that in the future,  For now, Its Death Guard and Space Wolves.

A while back, when I posted about receiving my AdeptiCon T-Shirt in the mail, in that same post, I have mentioned that AdeptiCon and Games Workshop would be sending out merchandise/Promos from what was supposed to be the Warhammer Preview event there at AdeptiCon.  Since I was one of the lucky ones that had tickets for that preview, they sent out the Merchandise/Promos to everyone that was signed up for the event.  Anyway, to make a long story short, below is what I received in that package.
  • Model Box
    • Included - 1 Space Marine Assault Intercessor and 1 Necron Warrior.
  • 2 Books
    • 40K - Psychic Awakening - The Collected Fiction
    • AOS - Malign Portents - The Collected Fiction
  • Some Beastgrave Cards
  • A Warhammer tote bag
I still have assembled the Necron Warrior, but have not painted him as of yet.  But I did assemble and paint the Space Marine Assault Intercessor.  And as I was getting motivated and psyched to start my Space Wolves army, I decided to use that model to do a paint test for the armies paint scheme.

Here is the completed model:

I really do like how he turned out, and the picture does not look as good as what the model looks like in person.  My camera still sucks, and one day I will get a replacement for a nice DSLR or better camera for my hobby.  And BTW, it would make a great X-Mas or Birthday present if anyone wants to get me one.

In case you wanted to see, here is the built Necron Warrior:

As I said earlier, I do not plan on painting this model, maybe one day.  Who knows, maybe Necrons will be my Xenos army.  Although Tau and Tyranids are looking better then they are.

Until next time, stay safe in these crazy times, wear your mask, and be careful.  

Friday, August 7, 2020

Warhammer 40K: Core Rule Book (And so it begins) New Edition

It's not new to everyone that Games Workshop announced the new edition to Warhammer 40K, but it has been covered so much, everywhere I did not feel like posting a bunch of repeat stuff here on my blog.

But, now that I have taken the first steps into the new edition, its time for me to start posting about what changes I will be making for this game, armies I play, etc.

The first step, of course, is to jump in a get the new rules.
Now that I have the book in hand, and perused the pages a bit, I have to admit, I am overly impressed with the quality and content of this new Rulebook.  I feel they have outdone themselves on this one.  I am now looking forward to seeing the new codexes, as from hearing them talk about them, sounds like they will be the same quality as the core book, at least I hope they will be.

Other changes will be coming with the new edition with me playing Warhammer 40K.  I feel my main army will be Deah Guard, and as far as my Raven Guard, they are on hold for the moment to see what the future unfolds for them.  Depending on some things, you may be seeing a new 40K army for me in the near future, and you will hear me bark and growl about it in an upcoming post.

Until next time, try to stay safe.  It's still a little crazy out there with the COVID thing, so be safe, game safe, and may your dice be blessed (unless you are playing me).

Friday, July 31, 2020

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game - Witch King of Angmar on Fell Beast

Finished another model for my Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, the Witch King of Angmar on Fell Beast.  This is a huge model and was very fun to paint.

Here is the description from the Games Workshop site:
The Witch-King of Angmar on Fell Beast: the greatest of the Nazgûl, and Sauron’s most deadly lieutenant, the Witch-King of Angmar carries a sword, wears the Crown of Morgul and attacks with the Fell Beast’s teeth and claws.
Below are the images of the Witch King:

Here are the stats from the rulebook for the Witch King:

Here are the stats for the Fell Beast:

Look forward to getting him on the battlefield, but also need a version of him mounted on a horse and on foot.

Until next time, be safe and try to always have fun.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Warhammer 40K: Death Guard - Poxwalkers

Next up on the painting table is my Death Guard Poxwalkers.  They were really fun to paint, there is a huge variety of sculpts with these models.  The ones I am painting now, are the 20 that came in the Dark Imperium starter box.  There is 10 unique sculpts with this set that comes from that starter box.  The ones that come in the Easy To Build: Death Guard Poxwalkers set, are another 6 more unique sculpts, I look forward to adding those to my collection soon.  This makes 16 unique sculpts for this horde unit, I don't know about any of you, but this makes me happy.  Not many units in this game get that many unique sculpts, and make them look awesome on the tabletop.

Depending on how the new 9th edition to the game goes, I may eventually be fielding 2-3 full 20 man units of these.  But we will see what the future brings.

Here is the description from the GW website:
Shambling across the battlefield in reeking hordes, Poxwalkers engulf their enemies in rotting tides of grasping hands, gnashing teeth and squirming tentacles. They are the cursed victims of Nurgle’s plagues, transformed into unliving weapons by the cruel masters of the Death Guard. ... Each is uniquely unpleasant, armed with hastily improvised close combat weapons – blunt objects feature heavily, with hammers, chains, planks of wood and metal pipes with nails in represented. The Poxwalkers themselves are ghastly, their pallid faces twisted into sneering grimaces, mutations, boils and gashes covering their spindly limbs.
Below is the current datasheet:

Here is the first 10 of my Poxwalkers complete.  Painting the next 10 should be just as fun, and I look forward to adding the other sculpts soon.  The next 10, I do plan on painting different than these, that way, even if they are the same sculpt on the tabletop, they will each be unique in their own colors, etc.

I am not sure what will be next on the painting table, that list is, unfortunately, huge at the moment, and growing with each new purchase, lol.  And with 9th Edition of 40K coming out, and all the new cool stuff being released, I feel my list will be growing a lot over the next several months.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

AdeptiCon: Received my 2020 T-Shirt

Yesterday I received a surprise package in the mail and got the 2020 AdeptiCon T-Shirt that I had ordered.  I was disappointed, just like the rest of you when AdeptiCon was canceled, but I still wanted something from the event.  So I donated my money from my ticket/event purchases back to them but kept the order of my T-Shirt.

I knew they were mailing out the merchandise orders soon and was pleasantly surprised when I got it in the mail yesterday.

Another great email that I received from AdeptiCon was that since I had tickets for the Warhammer Preview event, Games Workshop decided that they would mail out everything they would have given to people at the event.  So in a week or two, I should be getting another happy surprise in the mail and hopefully, it will be something great.  I'm wishing that it will be the new Indomitus box and other miniatures that they previewed at the event, but I will have to wait and see.

Here is a few pictures I snapped of the shirt:

It is pretty good quality, and I love the design.  I will be proudly wearing my shirt at next years AdeptiCon event.

When I get the package from AdeptiCon/GamesWorkshop I will be making a blog post on everything that I receive.  Until next time, stay safe and wear a mask, please.