Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares - The Battle for Xilos – The 1st Antares Game Supplement

The Battle for Xilos – The 1st Antares Game Supplement

This is cool, looking forward to the first game supplement for the Beyond the Gates of Antares game.  This supplement is a continuation of the events from the main rule book - triggered by the discovery of the planet Xilos.  This book contains a campaign system featuring a series of scenarios which cover all the stages of the battle over Xilos.

New Rules

The Battle for Xilos includes new content – including rules for including allies and mercenaries in your force as well as new army lists for the Ghar Outcast Rebels, and the mercenary forces of the Freeborn Adventurers and Boromite Clans, not to mention a host of special characters, new troop types, new weapons and vehicles, and some rather scary native creatures.

  • 6 New Scenarios.
  • Complete Campaign System, inclusive of force and character progression.
  • Rules on how to build your own characters.
  • New rules for incorporating allies either by combining forces or with mercenaries.
  • Xilos creature rules.
  • One Completely new Ghar Outcast Rebel Army.
  • Two new Mercenary army lists, The Freeborn Adventurers Army and the Boromite Clan Army.
  • Army list updates for Isorians and Algoyrn.
  • New Characters.
  • New troop types including Isorian Pulse Bikes, new Drone types, Ghar Outcast Support weapons and the Rebel Creeper…

‘The Battle for Xilos – The Builders Awake’ continues the narrative featured in the Xilos Horizon Starter set, and the launch is supported by a massive multi-player online campaign in conjunction with Beasts of War (link to their site).  And it looks like the online campaign will give you the chance to shape the history of the Antares universe.

This looks like it will be a very cool expansion to an already awesome game, I can't wait.

Until next time, always have fun, and always play more games!!!!

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