Friday, August 19, 2016

New Board Game for the Shelf - Betrayal at House on the Hill (by Avalon Hill)

Game Overview
From the Rulebook:
In Betrayal at House on the Hill, each player chooses an explorer to investigate a creepy old house. As you explore the house, you discover new rooms. Each time you enter a new room, you might find something . . . or something might find you. Explorers change over the course of the game (for better or worse), depending on how they deal with the house’s surprises. The house is different each time you build it. At some random point during the game, one explorer triggers a scenario called a haunt. When the haunt is revealed, one explorer becomes a traitor bent on defeating his or her former companions. The rest of the explorers become heroes struggling to survive. From then on, the game is a fight between the traitor and the heroes—often to the death. This game has fifty haunts, and each one tells a different story. All are yours to explore as you live or die in the House on the Hill.
I've been wanting to play this game for a long time, ever since I watched the play-through on Geek and Sundry's web-series Tabletop.  Its a real fun game, and if you looking for something new I highly recommend it.

My family and I have played this game a couple of times now, and look forward to playing a lot more in the future.  The game has tons of re-play ability, as each time you play the game its different, and the event end of being random.

Here are the links to the two part play that TableTop did for this game.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Getting some Warmachine Cryx Painted up (MK3)

Warmachine: Cryx

My son is also playing Warmachine/Hordes with me, and his army on the Warmachine side is the Cryx.  Its a great army, and if he was not playing them, they would probably be one of the armies in my bag.

He is still new when it comes to painting and basing, so I will be painting his Cryx army for him.  I love these models, and it will be a blast to paint and complete his army for him.  I think the next army he wants is on the Hordes side, and it will be the Skorne.  I think this will be his first army he will try to paint, with my help of course.  But your never going to learn unless you dive right in.  It will be fun to paint that army together.

So I decided to start with two of his Deathrippers and a Defiler.  I decided to kep the theme dark and a little dirty, but not too much.  I think they came out pretty good.

Defiler and two Deathrippers
I really need to buy myself a camera, I took these with my phone the picture above with flash on, and the picture below without the flash on.  Anyway, I like how they came out, and look forward to seeing them on the battlefield.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

What...why no posts.....ah life happens.....

Okay, been out of it for awhile.  But I'm back, between family, work, and other life events, I have not been able to post about what new in my gaming world.  But I will try to make up for that over the next week or so as I play catch up, so expect a bunch of posts over the next couple of weeks.

As you can probably tell from the home page, I made a few changes to the pages for this blog.  I decided to break down into different categories the types of games that I play.  I made a page specifically for Board, Card, Role Playing and Dice games.  And then another Page specifically for Tabletop Miniatures games.  I will also be putting link to any relevant posts under each game for if you just want to read my posts about a specific game you can go directly to them without having to search through the entire blog.

My entire family has gotten into enjoying a lot or different styles of games, so I will also start posting a weekly game night post about the different games we play, and giving a general overview of them as well.  We might also start posting videos of some of the game sessions as we play them, and may even do a live blog once in a while too.  Look forward to a link to our new YouTube channel in the months ahead.

So just a few of the changes that will taken place, and my thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Blogging and Happy Game Play.