Saturday, January 23, 2016

Adding Hordes: Picked up the Two-Player Battle Box

I used to play Hordes a while back, and had even had the Legion of Everblight starter box.  But with the gaming group I used to hang out with, we never really got into playing that very much, and eventually my Everblight went the way or E-Bay.

Lately, I have been really enjoying playing Warmachine, and loving my Protectorate of Menoth.  The group that I am playing with now, also plays Hordes armies as well.  So, I wanted to get back into playing the Legion of Everblight, so off I went down to Odyssey Games to see what I wanted to pick-up.  I was going to just grab the Everblight starter box, and maybe a few other boxes/blisters.  But then I saw the Two-Player Battle Box.  Now this is one hell of a deal, it was $99, but what a deal.  If you add up everything you get in this starter, it's about a $230 value.

Here is everything you get in the box:

A Mini Rule Book, even though it does not have any of the fluff it has all the rules.  You get an Intro guide, dice, a ruler, and 20 models for both Legion of Everblight and Circle Orboros armies.  It also comes with the stat cards for each model in the box.

Here is a breakdown for each army:

Legion of Everblight

  • Warlock Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
  • Carnivean Heavy Warbeast
  • 4 Shredder Lessor Warbeasts
  • Unit: Blighted Ogrun Warspear
    • Leader and 4 Warspears

Circle Orboros
  • Warlock Kaya the Wildborne
  • Feral Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast
  • Argus Light Warbeast
  • Winter Argus Light Warbeast
  • Unit: Warpborn Skinwalkers
    • Leader and 4 Skinwalkers

I really look forward to getting these guys on the table and getting some games in.  I'll post when I get them all assembled, and also when I get them painted.

Until next time, go out, have fun, and always do what you love no matter what anyone says or thinks about you.  Lifes too short to worry about the haters, you know who you are.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bolt Action: British Cromwell work in progress plus the completed Universal carrier

Well, I wanted to give everyone an update on my progress for my British Army for the Bolt Action game.  With work and family stuff, been having a hard time finding the time to sit and work on my gaming stuff.  But this past weekend I found a good couple of hours to get some progress done on the Cromwell Tank and to finish off my Universal Carrier.

Want to get a better camera, using the one on my phone, but its not that hot.

This weekend I plan on finishing the painting of the Cromwell, and I will try to finish putting together all the models from the British Infantry box.

So far I only have 3 of the troops put together.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Bolt Action - Starting British Army

Looking forward to getting this army off the ground and started.  I went out and purchased one of the British Infantry boxes, as well as one of the Universal Carriers.  Going to be shooting for Mid/Late War for my lists.  My next post will be the completed Universal Carrier, and possible some of the troops.

British Infantry Box

Universal Carrier

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 - New Beginnings

My wishes and thoughts for the New Year.

I want to start the new year off with jotting down my ideas of what I see myself accomplishing in 2016.  I have never really done a post like this before, but thought it would be fun.  I have seen others do similar posts, and look forward to comparing this post to my year end wrap up in December.

First let's go over each games that I currently play, then I'll wrap it up with my thoughts on what I see myself starting new this year.  So let's begin.......

In reverse ABC order just to be different:


I really like this game, but have not gotten into it as much as i would have liked last year.  I think I played less then 10 games all year.  My goals for this year is to expand my models, and get in more games this year. I would like to shoot for at least 2-3 games per month.


I played a lot of these games last year, and see myself continuing this trend for 2016.  Currently I'm playing Menoth and my son is playing Cryx.  We both want to  start new armies this year so we decided to both try Hordes armies this year.  So look for a post in the coming months for what we decide.

Warhammer 40K

Honestly, i can't see myself playing much if any of this game this year.  Last year i played 1 game.  And to be honest I think things have gotten out of hand with expansion, versions and the biggie, pricing.


I did get in a lot of games this past year, and really like how the game plays.  I don't see the game expanding in the future since the movie series has ended bur you never know.  I still see lots of games being played this year.

Dungeons & Dragons - 5th Edition

With the new edition of D&D, it was rather fun to get back into role-playing.  I ran a campaign based off the Starter box, and had a group of 5 players.  I would like to start and run another campaign this year, and get into some of the expansions.

Bolt Action

A friend of mine introduced this game to me last year, and to be honest I was looking at it for awhile, and glad he did.  I'm currently starting a Great Britain army, and my son will be starting a Russian army.  Also this year I plan on starting a Germany army and my son has shown interest in doing a Japan army.

New this year

Besides the new armies that I want to start, I want to get back into playing more board games and even card games.  I miss the days when a group of us would sit around a table and play Uno, Skip-Bo,  etc.  I also want to get back into playing games like Talisman, Pandemic,  Killer Bunnies and Munchkins.  There are lots of other games as well, and i will be making posts about any that I do play.

I'll end this post by just says.......have a great new year, and try to have fun and as always PLAY MORE GAMES!!!!!!!