Tuesday, November 8, 2016

DIY Terrain: Making a Bridge to go over my River sectons

Awhile back I made River sections for my War-gaming table(s), so I decided I needed a bridge.  So off to my local Dollar Tree I went in search of some cheap foam board and other terrain materials.  I love the dollar tree foam, it very easy to work with, of course its cheap.

So, I wanted my bridge to be made out of Stone and Wood.  So I decided that each of the sides would be a stone step structure, with a wooden platform to go across the water.

I started out with just cardboard I cut out of a cardboard box, then cut out sections and hot-glued them together to make a stair effect.


For each stair I used strips of the foam board cut out into small sections, I then used a pen to gouge into the surface of the foam board sections to make the individual bricks.  To get this desired effect, you first have to remove one of the paper backing on the foam board.  The Dollar Tree foam board works great for this, because its cheap, the backing paper comes right off with ease, without having to wet the board, etc.  I got this tip from DM Scotty and his YouTube channel theDMsCraft.


The Wooden bridge section, I used "skinny Sticks" which I picked up from Wal-Mart, I think they sell for right around a $1 or so, maybe less for a pack of 75 sticks.  In the package they are 5.75" x 0.25", and work great for making a variety of crafting projects.

I really wish I took staging pictures of each step better, the ones about I made up after the project was compete, lol.

So here is the finished project:

Designed the bridge to insert into the foam for easier storage.

Assembled and placed over one of the River sections
I really like how this ended up, and look forward to using it on the table.  I placed a couple of Cryx models from Warmachine to show a scale for the models.  I think this can be used in a variety of different games.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any other ideas for terrain making.  Until next time, keep gaming, and keep crafting.  Both are a blast.