Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Alliance starting the army

Over the past week and a half, I have not accomplished a whole lot when it comes to the hobby side of things.  And I had planned on getting a whole lot done when it comes to this game.

I wanted to paint up my third B1 Battle Droid squad, and also paint three squads of Rebel Alliance Troopers, and at least get a good start on the AT-RT for them as well.

But life gets in the way, as usual, but crap happens, lol.

But I did get some stuff accomplished as you can see from the picture below.

I have all three squads of Rebel Alliance Troopers assembled and the base covered in my ground material.  I also have the AT-RT assembles as well, and the same goes for its base.  Luke has been painted for a long time now, as is Darth Vader from the original starter box set.  I have not completed Luke's base yet, as I plan on passing them all together when I finish painting them.  The T-47 Air Speeder as you can see is still new in the box.  And I'm not entirely sure I will be finishing the Air Speeder as I am considering just making it a terrain piece, as I'm not convinced that it's a viable unit in the game at the moment.

So, I just wanted to do an update post, as to what is happening in my Hobby World and will try to get some of these painted this week.

So until next time, have fun with your hobby, smile, and enjoy life.

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