Sunday, May 10, 2020

Star Wars Legion: Droidekas Unit

I completed my first unit for the Separatist Alliance, the Droidekas from the Clone Wars Core Set.  These were fun to build, but a little challenging as these models were on sprues, which is a first for Fantasy Flight Games.  The sprues themselves were not bad, and I do love that with being on sprues, it gives you a lot more choices when it comes to building your models.  That way, not every persons army looks the same because everyone has the same identical poses.

The set of Droidekas comes with two model poses.  The first being in the upright fighting stance, ready to open fire on your opponents.  And the second is the wheeled mode, ready to get across the battlefield quickly.  I have not tried these out in a game yet but I look forward to getting them out on the battlefield soon.  Below is the stat card for the Droideka Unit, the one on the left is the front of the card and the one on the right is the back of the card.

Here is the description from the Fantasy Flight Games website:
Versatile and extremely destructive, Droidekas are a threat to even veteran squads of clone troopers and skilled Jedi Knights—and when B1 Battle Droids fail, droidekas are often sent to execute their primary function: annihilation of their targets. Rolling swiftly into battle, droidekas unleash their arm-mounted twin blasters, pouring out withering torrents of fire. 
The Droidekas Unit lets you support your droid forces with some of the most powerful combat droids in the galaxy. Four finely detailed, unpainted Droideka miniatures represent your Droidekas as they speed across the battlefield in wheel mode and unleash suppressive fire in their attack configuration.
Here is my painted miniatures:

I went for a darker look, and I feel they came out not that bad.  Still not sure about the bases yet, but for now they are tabletop ready for battle.

Until next time, get your hobby groove on, and as always stay safe in these crazy times.

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