Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Hobby Goals and 2019 Recap

I have not done one of these posts for a long time, the last one was in 2016, and so regret deleting my old blog as I had several on that one.  This blog has been an interesting part of my life, with both ups and downs, and huge gaps that I now regret.  2019 was an interesting animal for me and the family, and not at all what I had expected and/or hoped for.  But let us not dwell on the past, and let us look instead, toward a new year with all new possibilities and new beginnings.

2019 ReCap

This will be short.

What can I say about 2019, not much happened as far as events and tournaments.  You can click on my Conventions & Tournaments tab and see what the plan was for, but unfortunately, the only event I made it too was The Bourbon Trail Open for Guild Ball.

I did get some gaming in for the last year, and my main games were Batman Miniatures Game, X-Wing, Guild Ball and Middle-Earth SBG.

2020 The Plan

I'll do this list like I did in the last one in 2016, I'll list every game I play and plan on playing for 2020, and again, just to be different I will list them in reverse ABC order, yes I'm strange.  Another new thing for this year is that I will be tracking how many Games I play for each game on a Gadget on the right-hand side of the blog.  Now on to the list:

With the new version of the game, came a lot of excitement and this is still one of my most favorite games to play.  My goal for this year is 30+ games.

What can I say about this game, it has really fallen off for me, and I did not even get in 1 game for 2019, and for 2020, I don't really see this on my radar at all.  The goal for 2020 will be 0 games.

Warhammer 40K
It has been a while for 40K, but my goal for this year is to complete my Crimson Fists, Start a new Tau Army (for my Son, wink wink), and for my 300 plus models of Orks, maybe bring them back and expand them.  My goal for this year is 10+ games.

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game
This will probably be one of my top 3 games of 2020.  I am currently working on 4 armies for this game.  Moria/Angmar, Mordor, Rohan and the Dead of Dunharrow.  My goal for this year is 30+ games.

Guild Ball
This game has fallen off the radar for me, Although 2019 did start off strong with this game, the interest in this game is hard to find, and not that many people (0) play this game in my area.  So the goal for this year is maybe 1 game.  It's still a fun game and may see some playtime if I can find someone to play.

Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)
I started working on a new campaign and would love to start up another gaming group sometime this year.  The goal for this year is a hopefull a once a month or more gaming session, but probably not to after AdeptiCon.

Bolt Action
I really do love this game, and I am sad that I don't get to play this that much.  My Goal for 2020 is 5+ games ­čśü.

Batman Miniatures Game
This game is another one that started off the year well, but with the new 3rd edition coming out, and all the unknowns about that, it has really fallen off the radar.  I'm still debating on getting the new edition, but who knows what 2020 will bring for this game.  Not even setting a goal for this one.

And the Rest...
There are a lot of games on my radar that I want to try.  I look forward to AdeptiCon and GenCon this year to try/demo new games as well as with some of my friends.  Also this year, I plan to VLog, and possible to some video battle reports on my YouTube channel, as well as post more unboxings and gameplays for Xbox and PS4.


I know some people hate these kinds of posts, but I don't care.  I think this post is really more for me than it is for anyone else.  2019 was, well not what I had hoped for, but that's okay.

I am looking forward to 2020......  So let's get out there and play.

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