Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game - Wild Wargs

After getting the Cave Troll completed, you can check out that post here, I decided I needed to get something a little faster into my army, as far as movement speed, etc.  After some thinking, I decided to go with a unit of Wild Wargs, and eventually the Wild Warg Chieftain to lead them.  These guys will not only bring speed but open up other avenues by having the ability to out-flank and get around the table much faster then my standard Goblins could.

Here is their description from the Games Workshop page, you can see then on their site here.
Ferocious wolf-like creatures that have found mutual cause with the vassals of the Dark Lord, Wargs are comparable in size to a horse and many times more dangerous than an ordinary wolf. Swift, agile and deadly, Wargs hunt in packs, usually led by a powerful Warg Chieftain. When the minions of the Dark Lord go to war, they often seek the assistance of such Warg packs, whose natural ferocity and speed makes them valuable additions to an army or warband.
Here is the Wild Wargs Stats:

I really enjoyed assembling them, and I feel they came together rather quickly and look better then I anticipated.  I did have to try to fill in some gaps, as you can see from the images below after assembly, there were some noticeable gaps, around the head area and near the rear and tail.  I do not have any green stuff and tried my best to hide the gaps, but not as well as I liked.

I really enjoyed painting these six Wargs, and trying not to have each one look identical to the next, I varied the paint scheme to several of them.  Two I base coated White and the other four I base coated Black, and I used several different shades of brown to help change the look of each one.

After painting, you can still see some of the gaps around the neck area, but other than that I feel they came out pretty good.  As a beginner painter/modeler, I feel that my abilities are slowly getting better.

These Wargs should be a blast when I get them on the table, and into the battle.  I look forward to seeing how well they do in the near future.

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  1. They look really good. Does that game have Azog the Defiler as a playable character/piece? He rode a white Warg (I think it was named Gundabad).

    1. Yeah, has almost all the characters and creatures from the movies.

      There is the link for the Games Workshop Website for the game.