Saturday, September 28, 2019

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game - Cave Troll

Continuing on with painting my Moria army, so pumped about getting these guys complete so I can get them on the tabletop.  I know that I have a lot of Goblins to paint, but I wanted to have something else to add to the completed list.  So I broke out my Cave Troll and decided it was time to get him looking good to the tabletop.

Here is a little scence from the movie showing what this guy can do.  If I were rolling the dice, he may have done better in this scene and taken out a few of the fellowship, and not his own guys, lol.

When I get the starter set soon, I will have a second troll to add to my army, but for now, I just want to get this one done and ready to play with,

He was really fun to paint, and he came out a little darker than I anticipated, but in the end, he looks really good and should look amazing on the tabletop.

Here are a couple pictures of him finished.  I did not do his base yet, as I plan on waiting until I get the entire army done before basing, that way I can get them all the same.  Plus, I have not truly decided on how I want to do the bases for this army yet.  If you have any suggestions, please comment below.

He looks better in person, as I still suck at taking pictures.

Here is his profile from the Armies of the Lord of the Rings book:

Hope you enjoyed this little look into the painting of my Moria army for the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game.  Until next time, may your dice always roll good, unless you are playing me (just kidding) :).


  1. I prefer the 'darker' version you painted, rather than the one depicted in the rule book...your's seems more 'realistic'. In my opinion, the one from the rule-book looks too light for something that normally lives underground and/or only comes out "under cover of dark..." Your's looks pretty good.

    1. Thanks, I was worried it was going to come out too dark. But I was pleasantly surprised, and like the outcome.