Sunday, September 4, 2016

Birthday Present: Warmachine Khador MK3 Battlegroup Box

A friend of mine bought me the Khador Battlegroup for my birthday, which is very cool since this was going to be my next Warmachine army that I wanted to start.  Trolls will be my second Hordes army soon, but for now, this will be a fun army to build, paint and play.

For the paint scheme for this army, I decided to stick really close to the original color scheme that Privateer Press uses, primary color, Khador Red.  It just fits, and after trying to think up of my own color scheme, every idea I had just didn't seem right.

I did get in a game this weekend with some friends of mine, we played at Odyssey Games in Scottsdale, Since I am new to Khador, and the fact that I don;t have any other Khador models yet, we played a 0-Point Battlegroup game.  My friend played Cygnar, and it was a fun engagement.  In the end, Khador triumphed, and put down the Cygnar caster in my first game with them, but it was a close one.

Here is a picture of the Battlegroup on the gaming table.

MK3 Khador BattleGroup
Here is what you get in the Khador Battlegroup box:


  • Warcaster: Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgrad
  • Heavy Warjack: Juggernaut
  • Heavy Warjack: Decimator
You also received, just like in every other MK3 Battlegroup Box the following:
  • Basic Training Guide
  • Battle Map
  • Intro Guide
  • Warmachine Prime Rules Digest
    • If its a Hordes Starter you get the Hordes Primal Rules Digest
  • 18" Flexible Plastic Ruler
  • 4 Six-Sided Dice
  • 10 Focus Tokens
  • 3 Spell Tokens
  • Obstacle Card
For more information about the Khador Battlegroup box, you can head over to the Privateer Website by clicking the link below

I started painting them today, so look for a follow-up post soon with the complete pictures.

Keep gaming!!!!!!

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