Thursday, August 18, 2016

Getting some Warmachine Cryx Painted up (MK3)

Warmachine: Cryx

My son is also playing Warmachine/Hordes with me, and his army on the Warmachine side is the Cryx.  Its a great army, and if he was not playing them, they would probably be one of the armies in my bag.

He is still new when it comes to painting and basing, so I will be painting his Cryx army for him.  I love these models, and it will be a blast to paint and complete his army for him.  I think the next army he wants is on the Hordes side, and it will be the Skorne.  I think this will be his first army he will try to paint, with my help of course.  But your never going to learn unless you dive right in.  It will be fun to paint that army together.

So I decided to start with two of his Deathrippers and a Defiler.  I decided to kep the theme dark and a little dirty, but not too much.  I think they came out pretty good.

Defiler and two Deathrippers
I really need to buy myself a camera, I took these with my phone the picture above with flash on, and the picture below without the flash on.  Anyway, I like how they came out, and look forward to seeing them on the battlefield.

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