Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolves Combat Patrol, Codex and new models announced

Games Workshop Community announced some good news about my Space Wolves, as well as some new releases of models that will now be sold in their own boxes rather than just the starter sets.

I have been holding off buying anything new for my new army until the new codex is released as I don't want to buy anything until I check out all the changes that may have occurred.

Below is an excerpt from the Warhammer Community article which you can see by following the link here:

The fierce warriors of Fenris will also receive a new codex supplement. Along with the sagas of the legendary Chapter, Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes datasheets for fielding their many unique units in games and specific Crusade rules. If you want to unleash the most savage Chapter of Space Marines upon the 41st Millennium, you’ll need this mighty tome. It’s available in an incredible collector’s edition as well as a standard hardback.

The Space Wolves get their own datacards, allowing you easy reference to your Chapter-specific Stratagems and psychic powers. There are also some new Space Wolves dice – so much easier than having to carve your own from krakenbone.

Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes the rules for a brand-new unit, the Hounds of Morkai, who are also getting a multipart plastic kit. This is a dedicated psyker-hunting pack equipped with runic totems to protect them from evil magicks before they close in and slay the witch.

A Combat Patrol box for the Space Wolves is the ideal start to a Great Company or a way to add to an existing one. Packed with a choice selection of units, this box will get your army writing their own sagas in next to no time.

Two of the 41st Millennium’s greatest heroes are getting released next week too. Initially seen in the Prophecy of the Wolf boxed set, Ragnar Blackmane and Ghazghkull Thraka (along with his pet grot Makari) will be available individually for the first time. They are both incredible in battle, and the amazing models will delight collectors and painters alike. Whether you want to lead the noble Space Wolves or command the largest Waaagh! the galaxy has ever seen, you’ll want to grab these miniatures.


A lot of cool new releases to look forward to, not sure I will be able to afford to pre-order much right off the bat but look forward to getting everything here some point in the near future.  Maybe I'll get lucky and Santa will bring me some.

Until next time, stay safe, and I'll catch ya next time.

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