Saturday, January 28, 2023

Time to bring back the blog


It's been several years since I have posted on this blog.  Mostly because I think I have let the hobby slip away from me.  But this year I plan on making a comeback.

I have posted things on Instagram and Facebook, and I even tried to do a WordPress site for my hobby stuff (that failed miserably).

I would call this a New Year Post, but I'm almost a month too late for that one, lol.  Anyway, hopefully will get the posts going again, and hoping to bring back some followers.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Warhammer 40K: Space Wolves Combat Patrol, Codex and new models announced

Games Workshop Community announced some good news about my Space Wolves, as well as some new releases of models that will now be sold in their own boxes rather than just the starter sets.

I have been holding off buying anything new for my new army until the new codex is released as I don't want to buy anything until I check out all the changes that may have occurred.

Below is an excerpt from the Warhammer Community article which you can see by following the link here:

The fierce warriors of Fenris will also receive a new codex supplement. Along with the sagas of the legendary Chapter, Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes datasheets for fielding their many unique units in games and specific Crusade rules. If you want to unleash the most savage Chapter of Space Marines upon the 41st Millennium, you’ll need this mighty tome. It’s available in an incredible collector’s edition as well as a standard hardback.

The Space Wolves get their own datacards, allowing you easy reference to your Chapter-specific Stratagems and psychic powers. There are also some new Space Wolves dice – so much easier than having to carve your own from krakenbone.

Codex Supplement: Space Wolves includes the rules for a brand-new unit, the Hounds of Morkai, who are also getting a multipart plastic kit. This is a dedicated psyker-hunting pack equipped with runic totems to protect them from evil magicks before they close in and slay the witch.

A Combat Patrol box for the Space Wolves is the ideal start to a Great Company or a way to add to an existing one. Packed with a choice selection of units, this box will get your army writing their own sagas in next to no time.

Two of the 41st Millennium’s greatest heroes are getting released next week too. Initially seen in the Prophecy of the Wolf boxed set, Ragnar Blackmane and Ghazghkull Thraka (along with his pet grot Makari) will be available individually for the first time. They are both incredible in battle, and the amazing models will delight collectors and painters alike. Whether you want to lead the noble Space Wolves or command the largest Waaagh! the galaxy has ever seen, you’ll want to grab these miniatures.


A lot of cool new releases to look forward to, not sure I will be able to afford to pre-order much right off the bat but look forward to getting everything here some point in the near future.  Maybe I'll get lucky and Santa will bring me some.

Until next time, stay safe, and I'll catch ya next time.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Troopers Unit

I have been continuing to work on my Star Wars Legion models, as I just cannot get into the mood right now to work on any of my other game systems right now.

I am working toward having two of my armies for the game completely painted, as my wife has expressed an interest in starting to play the game.  And I would like to have fully painted armies on the table for us to play together.

Since I will be playing my Separatist Alliance Army, we have decided that she will be playing the Rebel Alliance.  Currently, I have Luke from the first starter set already painted, you can see that post here.  I just finished the first of the Rebel Troopers and you can see them in the image below.

It took me a while to decide on a final color scheme, and I feel what I came up with works pretty well.  Below is a closeup of the Rebel Trooper Unit Leader.

These were fun to paint up, and looking forward to getting the other two units finished.  I also have the AT-RT to finish, but I already have the trooper for that unit completed, as I painted him at the same time as this unit.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Alliance starting the army

Over the past week and a half, I have not accomplished a whole lot when it comes to the hobby side of things.  And I had planned on getting a whole lot done when it comes to this game.

I wanted to paint up my third B1 Battle Droid squad, and also paint three squads of Rebel Alliance Troopers, and at least get a good start on the AT-RT for them as well.

But life gets in the way, as usual, but crap happens, lol.

But I did get some stuff accomplished as you can see from the picture below.

I have all three squads of Rebel Alliance Troopers assembled and the base covered in my ground material.  I also have the AT-RT assembles as well, and the same goes for its base.  Luke has been painted for a long time now, as is Darth Vader from the original starter box set.  I have not completed Luke's base yet, as I plan on passing them all together when I finish painting them.  The T-47 Air Speeder as you can see is still new in the box.  And I'm not entirely sure I will be finishing the Air Speeder as I am considering just making it a terrain piece, as I'm not convinced that it's a viable unit in the game at the moment.

So, I just wanted to do an update post, as to what is happening in my Hobby World and will try to get some of these painted this week.

So until next time, have fun with your hobby, smile, and enjoy life.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Star Wars Legion: General Grievous and Second B1 Battle Droids Unit

Continuing on with the Star Wars Legion builds, I finished off General Grievous and the second unit of my B1 Battle Droids.  Getting closer to my tournament-ready list of Separatist Alliance.

Grievous was fun to build, he comes with so many options.  You can build him in so many ways, as he comes with 4 arms.  I opted to go with just two arms, one holding his gun, and the other wielding a lightsaber.  You could do up to four arms, 1 gun, 3 lightsabers, or just 4 lightsabers. I the future I may purchase more models of him to do a 4 arm lightsaber version, but that may be a while as the only way you can purchase General Grievous is in the Clone Wars starter set. I may be able to find him on E-Bay, or someplace similar but we will see.

Below is my complete General Grievous:

And here is his stat card:

Here is the blurb about him from the Fantasy Flight Site:
Even when he isn’t in the thick of battle, General Grievous is a ruthless tactician whose army is his deadliest weapon. With the massive numbers of battle droids under his command, General Grievous is unafraid to use Aggressive Tactics to accomplish his objectives. When he does, he grants surge tokens to up to four units in addition to their faceup order tokens, better preparing them for the challenges of the battle ahead.

One of the primary advantages of a droid army is that its soldiers can easily be replaced. General Grievous takes advantage of this fact to the fullest, using his position as Supreme Commander of the Separatist army to have his army’s more expendable units absorb the fire directed at more valauble troops, including himself. At the same time, Grievous takes this opportunity to become even more versatile and ready himself to both defend or attack with even more surge tokens. 
Finally, General Grievous doesn’t simply want to achieve his army’s goals; he wants to completely annihilate his enemies on the field. As such, he won’t hesitate to order his troops to crush his opponents,  even when his army already holds an advantage.
He will make a great asset to my Separatist Alliance army and should be a blast to play on the tabletop.  Eventually, I will be adding Count Dooku to the army, and expanding into different units, etc.

Here is a pic of everything I currently have painted up for the Separatist Alliance, I still have 1 B1 Battle Droids Squad to build and paint.

Next up for Star Wars Legion, I will be working on the Rebel Alliance, as I have already painted up Luke Skywalker, but still have 3 units of Rebel Troopers to paint up, as well as T-47 Airspeeder, and an AT-RT.  For the AT-RT I am not sure what armaments I am placing on it, still not sure which way to go with it.

Until next, time, happy gaming, and try to stay safe.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Star War Legion: B1 Battle Droids (Separatist Alliance)

It has been a while since I have worked on anything Star Wars related, so I decided today to break out one of the B1 Battle Droid units from the Second Star Wars Legion starter box.  It is high time I get the Separatist Alliance completed, as of so far, all I have completed is the Droidekas unit for this army from that box set.  You can see that post here.

One thing that I did learn from building these guys is patience and some new cuss words that I have not spoken out loud in a long while, lol.  I now feel the pain of building these guys, as I have seen from so many other posts of players building these units.  But once I go the hand of how fiddly these were, once I got four or so done, the rest of them went a little more smoothly.

Here is a picture of the finished unit:

At first, I was not sure of the color scheme, but in person and on the tabletop, they look very cool.  I know, hard to tell from my crappy picture.

Here is a look at their game card:

These guys will be fun to play on the tabletop, in small groups not that much to look at, but in large numbers, they can overwhelm the battlefield, and give havoc to the enemy with their sheer numbers.

I have one more unit to paint up of them, and then both squads from the starter box will be complete.  That will just leave General Grievous for the Separatist Alliance to complete.  With him, I plan on doing a small conversion, as I want to try to build him with all four lightsabers and his cloak.  I think he will look cool.  I may pick up another two models of him, just to build him in all his configurations, as I do not think that using magnets would work for this model.

Let me know what armies you are playing in Legion, or if you have suggestions on which units to get next for the Separatist Alliance.

Until next time, try to have fun and stay safe out there.