Saturday, January 28, 2023

Time to bring back the blog


It's been several years since I have posted on this blog.  Mostly because I think I have let the hobby slip away from me.  But this year I plan on making a comeback.

I have posted things on Instagram and Facebook, and I even tried to do a WordPress site for my hobby stuff (that failed miserably).

I would call this a New Year Post, but I'm almost a month too late for that one, lol.  Anyway, hopefully will get the posts going again, and hoping to bring back some followers.



  1. I'm such a dummy trying to use computers/technology sometimes -- posted comment, then accidentally deleted it and had to try second time...I should probably stop before I break something.

  2. What kind of 'character' is the yellow creature in the picture? I used to see them a lot -- pretty sure it's from some kids' cartoon, but don't know for sure. I do not see them as often now-a-days.
    Thank you.