Saturday, April 16, 2016

Big news from Privateer Press about Warmachine and Hordes

So, they announced that they are coming out with new editions for both Warmachine and Hordes.  So exited, is been over 5 years since the last edition of the rules.  So looking forward to this.

Here is the YouTube video they released about it:

This new really got me motivated, and tonight I started to paint my Legion of Everblight army.  So looking forward to the new boxed sets.  Below is the new images of the new boxed sets for the current armies that I play

I will post pictures of them in progress tomorrow and the completed ones hopefully by Sunday.


  1. Are you done yet...? Ha-ha. Do not rush, better to do it right 1st time than have a "good enough for now" and then re-do later. Just my worthless opinion.

    1. Yeah, I'm not the greatest painter in the world, but I try. This week I will try to get more done, and hopefully have some finished models to present on the blog here.